One of the frequently asked questions we receive about our TrashSac options is how much it costs based on the type of materials you are throwing into it. If you have been wondering this as well, check out the price guide below for a good reference.

  • If you are throwing away Construction & Demolition Debris, it is $80
  • For household trash, our TrashSac is $100.
  • If you are getting rid of concrete, it’s $80 for a TrashSac.
  • For clean dirt/fill, it’s $80.
  • For tree lumber, landscaping waste, and yard debris, it would cost $100.
  • Items such as paint cans (dry/non-liquid/empty), the TrashSac can be used. It is $100.
  • For asbestos with manifest, the Trashsac is $200.

If you are needing multiple TrashSacs for the same type of waste, be sure to ask us about our 20% discount.

Please note that there is a $50 rescheduling fee per TrashSac for any rescheduled collection, as well as, a $50 incorrect waste fee per TrashSac if waste is found that does not match the type ordered.

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